Fresh pastured chicken and beef from our family to yours.

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Sean and Cathy Rosedale

Summerdale Farms is located in Boone County, IL. We are nestled on beautiful rolling acreage with pastures, orchards, gardens and woods. The original farm was established in 1837. The land is chemical free, and to our knowledge, has never had herbicides or pesticides applied, ever. 

We raise grass fed beef and pastured, free range chickens. We are firmly committed to the utilization of natural farming methods that promote the health of our animals, our land, and our consumers.

We use Management Intensive Grazing techniques to rotate our cattle through Summerdale’s lush pastures. The results of these methods produce lean, flavorful meat. The animals are raised in the healthiest, most natural environment possible. All our animals enjoy the pure water from our private well. Our water is free of fluoride, bleach, and chlorine.

The cattle have unlimited access to pastures year round. We grow most of our own alfalfa and grass hay for winter feedings. We do not give them growth hormones, vaccinations, maintenance antibiotics or animal bi-products. The cattle have peaceful lives and are allowed to run together in a herd as nature intended.

Our chickens are also outside, running free in their pastures from dawn to dusk. They spend most of the time pecking and scratching at seeds, plant material and insects. We supplement their diet with Organic and Soy Free feed.

The birds grow slowly over 10 weeks and are quite large, finishing out around 6 pounds. They are processed by a local USDA approved facility. The meat is absolutely delicious, tender, and magnificently succulent.